Check out our list of things to do when you are moving.


  1. If renting, advise your current landlord or agent
  2. your children’s school / kindergarten and have transfer documents sent to your new school/ kindergarten
  3. government agencies such as Centrelink
  4. your doctor, dentist and other medical specialists and collect your medical records


  1. Don't forget to plan for the first night in your new home. One of the most essential moving tips is to plan for the first night that you'll spend in your new home.
  2. Set aside a box or suitcase to hold everything you will need for the first 24 hours of your move and label it clearly. This can include utensils for cooking, toiletries, a change of clothing and bedding so that you can sleep comfortably.
  3. Collect packing supplies far in advance. There's nothing worse than scrambling at the last minute for boxes, bubble wrap, etc.
  4. When packing valueable items, protect the items with padding such as newspaper, and label the valueable items box with "Fragile" in clear and visible letters.
  5. When packing all items, take an inventory of everything so you can be sure you have packed it and unpacked it securely.


  1. arrange Post Mail Redirection Service application to redirect your mail to your new address
  2. to collect children’s school records, immunisation certificates etc. for the new school
  3. arrange childcare for your moving day if necessary
  4. arrange to disconnect and connect your essential services, gas, water, phone and electricity.

Leaving your current location:

  1. Repair and clean the general household
  2. Have a final clean-out and dispose out-of-date materials from under the kitchen sink, garage, laundry etc
  3. Gather all keys from old address, get spares from family and friends
  4. Collect instruction books for stove, dishwasher, security system and leave for new owner/tenant

In your new location:

  1. Be sure to unpack all items as early as possible.
  2. Find where the local sports clubs, parks and social centres are and get involved in your new neighbourhood
  3. Familiarise your pets with your new home as quickly as possible, keep cats inside for at least a week and use Feliway to help cats settle
  4. Pay attention to your children and ensure they are settling into their new environment comfortably.